Shneour, Zalman (Zalkind)

   Hebrew and Yiddish writer. Shneour wrote poetry and stories in both Hebrew and Yiddish, but was known widely as a Hebrew poet. He was born in Shklov, a small industrial town in White Russia, and his description of Jewish life there made Shklov the popular prototype of the shtetl. He wrote profusely from the age of nine and was encouraged by BIALIK while still in his mid-teens. One of Shneour’s well-known creations was Noah Pandre, the symbol of a new type of Galut-Jew who was brave and physically strong. Shneour lived in many European cities, in Israel and in New York, where he died. His body was buried in Israel next to those of Bialik and TCHERNICHOWSKY who, with him, are often regarded as the great trio of post-Haskalah Hebrew poets.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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  • SHNEOUR (Shneur), ZALMAN — (Zalkind; 1887–1959), Hebrew and Yiddish poet and novelist who, together with bialik and tchernichowsky , is considered to be one of the three great figures in Hebrew poetry of his generation. Shneour was born in Shklov, Belorussia; his father,… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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