Salomon (Solomon), Chaym

   American patriot. During the American War of Independence, Salomon, an immigrant from Poland who had become a merchant in New York City, was imprisoned by the British authorities for providing supplies and financial assistance to the revolutionary army. SALOMONS, Sir David 1797–1873. English financier and civic dignitary. A successful stockbroker and banker in the city of London, Salomons was a leader in the fight for Jewish emancipation in England. He was elected successively to the civic offices of sheriff of London, alderman, and then lord mayor (1855). In 1851 he was elected to Parliament but was unable to take his seat because he refused to take a Christian oath. In 1858 the law governing the oath was changed after the struggle of Baron Lionel de ROTHSCHILD, and Salomons was able to occupy his seat till his death. He twice acted as president of the Jewish Board of Deputies.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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