see Adret, Solomon ben-Abraham.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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  • Rashba — Salomon ben Aderet Rabbi Chelomo ben Aderet (1235 1310), plus connu sous son acronyme Rachba, fut rabbin, légaliste, banquier et talmudiste fort renommé. Il est né à Barcelone en 1235, et eut pour maître le Ramban et Rabbenou Yona, avant de… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Rashba-Effekt — Als Rashba Effekt bezeichnet man eine bestimmte Kopplung des Elektronenspins an die orbitale Bewegung des Elektrons. Es handelt sich um einen wesentlichen Effekt der Spin Bahn Kopplung , deren Beitrag zur Elektronenenergie bekanntlich… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Adret, Solomon ben-Abraham (Rashba) — (c. 1235–1310)    Spanish rabbi and scholar. Adret studied under Rabbi Moses NAHMANIDES, and after some years of business activity was appointed rabbi of his native city, Barcelona, a post he held for forty years. He was known as Rashba from the… …   Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament

  • Adret(Abraham), Solomon ben (Adret, Solomon Ibn; Rashba) — (1235 1310)    Spanish scholar. He studied under Nahmanides and was later the leader of Spanish Jewry. His legal decisions were viewed as authoritative because of his stature as a scholar; they constitute a primary source of information about the …   Dictionary of Jewish Biography

  • TAXATION — This article is arranged according to the following outline: historical aspects legal aspects the biblical period the talmudic period the post talmudic period in general yardsticks of tax assessment taxable property Place of Residence, Business,… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • INTERPRETATION — This article is arranged according to the following outline: definition of terms bible exegesis substance of bible exegesis in jewish creative interpretation and integrative interpretation …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • TAKKANOT HA-KAHAL — (Heb. תַּקָּנוֹת הַקָּהָל). Legal Aspects THE CONCEPT The Takkanot ha Kahal embrace that part of legislation in Jewish law which is enacted by the public or its representatives in contradistinction to the takkanot enacted by a halakhic authority …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • MAIMONIDEAN CONTROVERSY — MAIMONIDEAN CONTROVERSY, a vast complex of disputed cultural, religious, and social problems, focusing around several central themes. Some of the elements of this controversy considerably antedate maimonides (1135–1204); and of the questions… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • DINA DE-MALKHUTA DINA — (Aram. דִּינָא דְּמַלְכוּתָא דִּינָא), the halakhic rule that the law of the country is binding, and, in certain cases, is to be preferred to Jewish law. The problem of dina de malkhuta dina is similar to – but not identical with – the problem of …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HEKDESH — (Heb. הֶקְדֵשׁ), consecrated property, property dedicated to the needs of the temple ; in post talmudic times the term hekdesh without qualification (setam hekdesh) came to mean property set aside for charitable purposes or for the fulfillment of …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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