Madmun ben-Japheth ben-Bundar

(d. 1151)
   Nagid of Yemen. In the Cairo Genizah nearly a hundred letters were found from Madmum ben-Japheth ben- Bundar, who was the leader of the Jews of Yemen and the nagid (‘governor’) of the community, a title he inherited from his father. This title was confirmed by the Palestinian academy in Egypt, where it had moved after the Crusader conquest of Palestine.
   Madmun was also recognized as the official head of the communities by the Arab authorities. Overseer of the port of Aden, an important station on the Egypt- India trade route, he certified the amount of duty, and acted as arbitrator or judge in disputes between Jewish merchants. His house was used for the storage of goods and as a post office. He owned ships which traded with Egypt and India. In conjunction with the vizier of Aden, he opened the first direct line to Ceylon and the ship carried Jewish goldsmiths from Morocco. Madmun’s son succeeded him.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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