MacDonald, James Ramsay

   British prime minister. MacDonald became Britain’s first Labour prime minister in 1924, but held office for only a year. In 1929 he became prime minister again, this time retaining the office until 1935. MacDonald was a strong supporter of Zionism, though not free of anti-Jewish prejudice. He visited Palestine in 1922 and met BEN-GURION and BEN-ZVI, and on his return wrote articles and pamphlets praising Zionism. In spite of this, a White Paper issued under his premiership by the colonial secretary, Lord PASSFIELD, aroused great Zionist antagonism since it made concessions to the Arabs after their anti-Jewish riots of 1929. Zionist protests were so strong that MacDonald wrote a public letter to Weizmann in February 1931, which ‘interpreted’ the White Paper in such a way as to water down its anti-Zionist tenor. It came to be known among the Arabs as the ‘Black Letter’.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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