Lestschinsky, Jacob

   Jewish demographer. In Russia, Germany and the United States, and during his last years in Israel, Lestschinsky was a leading sociologist, demographer and statistician of Jewish Diaspora life, and carried out pioneering research studies in this field. LEVI ben-Gershom (Ralbag) 1288– 1344. Philosopher and mathematician. Probably born in southern France, Rabbi Levi ben-Gershom was a scholar of many branches of medieval learning. He wrote dissertations on the Talmud and the Pentateuch, mathematical works on geometry, trigonometry and arithmetic; and mastered astronomy, for which he designed two instruments - a ‘staff of Jacob’ for measuring angles of light, and an improved camera obscura. His major work is Milchamot-Adonai (‘The Wars of the Lord’; 1317–29) in six books, containing his complete religious philosophy. His God was the Aristotelian concept of supreme thought, not the personal God of Scripture, and biblical revelation played no real part in his views.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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