Ehrenburg, Ilya Grigoryevich

   Soviet writer. Like many other young Jews from middle-class Jewish families in czarist Russia, Ehrenburg became a Communist at an early age, and sought the solution to anti-Semitism in the social revolution. Leaving Russia in 1908, he spent most of the next thirty years in the West, especially in Paris. From the Spanish Civil War onwards, he was prominent in the Soviet Union and abroad for his fierce and brilliant anti-fascist polemics. A leading apologist for the Stalin regime, he was accused of cynical concern for his own survival when he accepted the Stalin Prize during the anti- Jewish purges of the early fifties.
   In the thaw after Stalin’s death, Ehrenburg was a vocal champion of liberal reforms. At the same time, he continued to attack ‘Jewish nationalism’ and rejected Israel as ‘capitalist’. His autobiography appeared in two parts: People and Life 1891–1921 (1962), and Memoirs 1921–1941 (1964).

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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