Duran, Simeon ben-Zemah

   Spanish rabbi and philosopher. Duran came from the island of Majorca, and in common with many Spanish Jewish scholars, he studied mathematics, astronomy and medicine, as well as the Bible and the Talmud. After completing his education in Aragon, Spain, he worked as a physician in Palma. When the anti-Jewish riots spreading through Spain in 1391 reached Majorca, he and his family fled to Algiers, where he was employed as a rabbi and Jewish judge.
   In his work Magen Avot, Duran rejected MAIMONIDES’ views on intellect, injecting into philosophy the cabbalistic concept of man’s neshamah, an immaterial soul derived from God. Immortality thus rests on ethical conduct, not superior intellect. In his commentary on the Book of Job, Duran developed his concept of the three prime dogmas of Judaism - the existence of God, revelation, and divine retribution.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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