Cordovero, Moses ben-Jacob

   Safad mystic. Practically nothing is known of Cordovero’s biography; his name suggests that the family came from Spain but it is not known where he was born. Cordovero was a systematic thinker, and could be called a philosopher of the Cabbala. He tried to reconcile the contradictions in mystical theology and to unify the conceptions of a personal and a transcendental God. His works, Pardes Rimmonim (1549) and Elimah Rabbati (1559) were widely read and his ideas influenced subsequent Cabbalists, but they did not have the popular impact of the Lurianic system.
   In order to empty the mind so as to be receptive to visionary speculation, Cordovero and his group evolved the technique of walking barefoot through the countryside around Safad, praying fervently at the tombs of the many tannaim and amoraim buried there. These walks, called gerushim (‘banishments’), were conceived of as a symbolic participation in the exile of the Shechinah (‘Divine Presence’). One of Cordovero’s ideas which was taken up and expounded by later Cabbalists was his concept of the Torah as having been originally composed of figurations of divine light. In the messianic age therefore the Torah would once more become ‘radiant’ and its deepest study would become possible. Like LURIA, Cordovero was concerned with the powerful themes of exile and redemption.

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