Antipas, Herod

Antipas, Herod
(b. 20 BC)
   Tetrarch of Galilee and Perea 4 BC–AD 39. The younger son of HEROD THE GREAT and his Samaritan wife Malthace, Antipas was educated in Rome and confirmed as tetrarch of Galilee and Transjordan by the emperor Augustus.
   He developed the town of Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, naming it after the new emperor Tiberius. When John the Baptist denounced his marriage to Herodias, the wife of his half-brother, Antipas had him beheaded. According to the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, Antipas did this to please his voluptuous step- daughter SALOME.
   With the accession of Caligula, Antipas fell into disfavour and was exiled on a dubious charge of conspiring with the Parthians against Rome. His territory was annexed to that of Judea.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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