Anilaeus and Asinaeus

(1st century)
   Robber brothers who founded a state in Babylonia. Anilaeus and Asinaeus were apprenticed in the wool trade in Nehardea, in Babylonia, but were punished for laziness and fled towards the Euphrates. Here they were joined by other dissatisfied Jews and under the leadership of the brothers they formed a gang, built a fortress and began collecting ‘protection’ money from the surrounding farmers. They defeated a Babylonian force sent against them and were formally recognized by the king of Parthia. Their state lasted fifteen years. Asinaeus was poisoned by Anilaeus’s wife, and Anilaeus was routed by the Parthians and killed. His death was the signal for a general attack on the Jews by the Babylonians.
   The story of the two brothers is derived from the Antiquities of JOSEPHUS.

Who’s Who in Jewish History after the period of the Old Testament. . 2012.

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